The Most Amazing Motorcycle Himalayan Tour Shot with GoPro


We recently came across this awesome Himalayas Motorcycle Tour shot on GoPro. Watch it and we bet next minute you will be planning your trip to Ladakh! Credits for the video goes to Extreme Bike Tours.

Millions of Motorcycle videos out there, right? So we thought, why not “CREATE a Motorcycle video that rides across breathtaking Himalayas but in an awesome fun way like you have never seen before.”

There’s something extreme too! Well, watch it and see the surprising ‘furry little-fella’ who decides to join us in-between.

To be honest, we loved driving across in that splendid and gorgeous motorcycle to an extent that we really went EXTREME!

Exciting facts:
– The Director of this video WON the “2014 Travel Photographer of the Year – Video Category” & he is Rufus Blackwell.
– MUSIC by Kulu Shaker by Sybarite
– Extreme Bike Tours was covered by BBC’s Top Gear (Check out our website for more info on this)……
and the most fun fact of all – ‘We love traveling in Motorcycles to amazing locations and doing such crazy things!’.




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