The trek to Har Ki Dun is among the most popular winter treks in India. Not just in winters, this trek is extremely popular in summers too. It is one of those treks where you don’t reach the summit of a mountain for the endless views, but you actually traverse a valley enclosed by mountains on all sides.

The total trek distance (roughly 50 kms) might seem daunting but it doesn’t involve a lot of uphill trekking. The trail will be a level walk or downhill at many places.

To reach the trailhead (Sankri) of Har Ki Dun trek, the most convenient way is to reach Dehradun from Delhi via an overnight bus/train. You should aim to reach Dehradun by 5 or 6 AM so as to catch the earliest bus/shared taxi going towards Sankri. Shared taxis are available at Natraj Chowk which is about 15 mins from the bus station by an auto. There is although a slight caveat when it comes to shared taxis. These taxis will not start their journey unless and until they get at least 8-9 passengers. If you don’t want to wait that long, you also have the option to split the remaining costs among all the travelers.

In all probability, you will get a shared taxi from Dehradun to Purola. From Purola, you might have to change taxis/bus for Sankri. The route will be Delhi > Haridwar > Dehradun > Mussoorie > Nainbagh > Naugaon > Purola > Mori > Netwar > Sankri. Assuming you reach Dehradun by 6 AM and leave around 7 AM, expect to reach Purola by 2-3 PM and Sankri by 5-6 PM.

Sankri is a small village at an altitude of about 6,300 feet above sea level. In the past few years, Sankri has seen much development due to it being the tralihead for two of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand – Har Ki Dun and Kedarkantha trek. Quite a few lodges and homestays have sprung up here apart from the Forest Rest House and the GMVN Guest House which has always been there.

After spending the first night at one of the lodges at Sankri, the next morning you’ll need to catch a shared cab for Taluka. Taluka is a much smaller village and is at a distance of 12 kms from Sankri. The road to Taluka has almost always been in a bad state and it will take you almost an hour to cover this stretch. Sometimes due to a landslide or a roadblock on the road, you might have to walk the distance.





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