Why do you trek? What do you get by huffing and puffing up the hill only to come back down, sometimes injured, sometimes ill? No shower for days, freezing winds, single-digit temperatures, sunburns, countless uncertainties, one wrong step and sprain, fracture, and even death! And to top it off, AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), that can bring even the fittest of you on your knees. What makes you leave your cozy, comfortable lives and travel for miles to go into the uncomfortable, unknown and unpredictable.

For me, it’s exactly these things!

Gorakhgad Trek, Maharashtra

Away from the buzzing cities, the never-ending honking, the utterly polluted air, in the mountains you are literally in the lap of nature. Sleeping under the starlit skies, where you can see the milky way from your naked eyes. The only noise is of your own breath and may be a few crickets here and there, or if you’re lucky, of a river gushing by.

makes you realize you are much more than this

You realize how blocked your head is and how unidirectional you think, obligated to participate in a race that you don’t feel a part of. A race where every achievement only disappoints you, just because it’s never enough, because there’s always something or someone better.

Rupin Pass Trek

Living the raw life helps you look beyond this, makes you realize you are much more than this, that the only cause worth fighting for is to be better than what you are today, a better version of yourself.

The Ones You Travel With

One of the biggest contributors to a memorable trek are the people! While you’re trying to get away from the daily crowd, you’re looking forward to meet the new unknown faces. Some are there looking for an escape, some to prove to themselves, some to get lost and some to find themselves. But, you know you can connect on some level as you’re all here for at least one common reason. You share the love for nature, and simple things, and find satisfaction in aching muscles. With passing days, this bond grows stronger and you’re all one team walking towards one common mission. There is no competition, no race to determine who is faster or who is stronger, the only thing that matters is that you’re all in this together as one unit, striving towards the summit.

Karnala Trek

Finding Yourself

Trekking changes you as a person, it makes you humble, adaptable, stronger and more resourceful. Once you’ve figured that it’s for you, you’re hooked for life. The thrill of trekking is addictive and so is the simplicity of it.

You realize what your body, your mind is capable of

The magical strength that makes you push yourself for hours and days after you feel this is it, you just can’t anymore. You realize what your body, your mind is capable of when you begin to relish the ache in your muscles as it makes you feel alive. The feeling of being strong and weak at the same time. Standing at the summit, looking down and feeling like the king of the world but at the same time, accepting how miniscule you are in this vastness. You reach the top and you hear nothing, you think nothing. The realization of being nothing is so overwhelming you feel ashamed of worrying over the worthless. And you have no other option than just being, there, calm and still, living in that moment.





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