Ideal Time
Apr-Jun, Sep-Nov
Total Trek Distance
28 KM
Minimum Time Required
3 Days
Nearest Large Town
Highest Altitude
12,100 ft.


The ancient Indians called the Beas River as Vipas or Arjiki while the ancient Greeks called it as Hyphasis. The current name Beas is regarded as formed from Vyas who is the author of Mahabharata, the great Indian epic. However, some scholars in Himachal Pradesh call this river as Vipasha. Beas Kund - Beas so named after Rishi (Sage) Vyas and Kund is Hindi word for tiny lake. This tiny lake of Beas Kund is situated in the upper valley of Solang which is the heart of winter and summer games in Manali. It’s an ideal base camp for climbing nearby peaks Shitidhar, Friendship and Ladakhi peak. To the West side of Beas Kund is the magnificent peak of Hanuman Tibba, 5990m, which is accessed through a tiny pass above this lake.