menu has been founded on a simple principle, to spread the love of the outdoors and make it possible for all to enjoy the beauties of nature without straining one’s wallet. We are a young and small team of adventure seekers who aim to bring back the love and respect for the outdoors, offering a rejuvenating experience to the many who today are tired of the daily drudge and the race for greater glory.

Take the time out, love yourself!

What we are today:

  • A database of over 200 treks, which will soon be thrown open to the community for edits and updates. Imagine a Wikipedia for all the 'Walking holidays' with the most relevant and updated information.
  • A marketplace for hiking, trekking, camping and other adventure sports, offering unique vendor partnerships.

We shift the power to you by offering:

  • Curated and highly customizable packages
  • Rock-bottom prices
  • Unique network of local guides and explorers not found anywhere else

What is cooking in the PureExplore kitchen:

  • Complete end-to-end solution for trekkers offering unique B&B options for the trailhead stay, and travel bookings.
  • Wiki-based community for trekkers that offer real-time location updates through our app.

At Pure Explore, we are committed to constantly improving the level of education within our community and ensuring that our users are prepared to responsibly enjoy the places they find on Pure Explore. Have any suggestions? Let us know at