Ideal Time
Sep - Jun
Total Trek Distance
36 KM
Minimum Time Required
3 Days
Nearest Large Town
Highest Altitude
10,300 ft.
Not required but recommended


Dodital is a mysterious lake holding fresh water and offering tranquil environs. Dodital is one of the very few water bodies where Himalayan Trout are found. This picturesque lake is named after the rare Himalayan Trout known as Dodi in local language. Dodital is considered as one of the most beautiful lakes of India and it is extremely popular with nature lovers, trekking and fishing enthusiasts. The origin of this Tal is from the natural springs of river Asi Ganga and is situated amidst dense forest of deodar trees. The circumference of the lake is 1.5 kms and a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha is situated at one corner of the lake. Dodi Tal is one of the few trekking destinations which can be reached anytime of the year.